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Fujimigaoka Dental Clinic Mission Statement Our goal is to be a community-based dental clinic.
Our dental examination includes general, cosmetic and preventive dentistry. We also focus on implants, whitening and dentures.
We give a warm welcome to everyone from little kids to seniors.
Osamu Nishino

■ March 1982
Graduated from the department of dentistry at Josai Dental University(Current: Meikai University)
■ May 1982 to September 1984
Worked in a medical corporation at the Akabane Dental Clinic
■ October 1984
Worked at the Higashi ginza Dental Clinic, retired
■ November 1984 to February 1985
Worked at the Shinbashi Dental Clinic
■ April 1985
Opened the Fujimigaoka Dental Clinic

■ Hobbies
Golf: My best score is 85.
(Isn’t it good for a once-a-month golfer?)
Scuba diving: I’m a resort diver who often dives in Guam or Saipan.
Orthodontic, Implants, General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat  10:00〜13:00
Thurs, Sun  Closed
We are now seeking dentists and dental hygienists to join our staff. Please check here for further information.

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