We use the latest therapeutic instruments to provide our patients with a less stressful environment. We also explain our proper treatment and endeavor to facilitate a less painful treatment for cavities and periodontal disease, etc.
I love creating things, and I was good at drawing ever since I have been young.
When I was in junior high school, I was requested by an art teacher to be the leader of the art club. This helps me to provide accurate treatment while considering each color and shape of the teeth with confidence, regardless of the treatment fee. It is because I am aware of the importance of teeth and the entire mouth, not only on in its aesthetic aspect but also on its functionality.
Since I am also good at drawing, I have explained the treatment by drawing pictures when it’s hard for patients to understand only by listening.
I have always been endeavoring to provide a process on my treatment to fit your life and schedule. For example, when a patient needs to have a front tooth pulled, I would pull out the tooth after inserting a false tooth on both sides of the front tooth. In that case, I treated that part using a bridge treatment. In this way, you would only be missing a tooth for a day because I would attach the other false teeth on the next day.

I also think that an informed consent doesn’t make sense, if my patients are not understanding what it really means. The real purpose won’t be accomplished if my patients were nervous or afraid of asking their personal questions, even though I have provided a thorough explanation. We communicate with our patients just like our “friends” to make them be able to talk freely about their concerns.
It’s because we think we’re the same people, we just have different careers.

Our general dentistry


Many dentists will tell you that “You can’t replace your front teeth using your dental insurance.” However, it’s not true and I put that down as “I don’t want to replace your front teeth using your insurance.” The picture below is the case provided, “hard resin facing crown” bridge treatment which insurance can cover.
The picture above is the case in which a “hard resin facing crown” and a “hard resin jacket krone” are inserted. You will be satisfied with these false teeth, although they are less natural, durable, have less wear resistance, color fastness and color reproducibility comparing to ceramic teeth.

Our orthodontics


You can have inconspicuous treatment, because we are using ceramic brackets in a clear color on your teeth.

Occlusal guidance

This treatment will be provided when primary teeth and permanent teeth are growing at the same time. With this treatment, you can have a beautiful set of teeth.

The teeth which didn’t have an occlusal guidance.

The teeth which had an occlusal guidance.


The two primary teeth, which grow deeper than a canine tooth, have a wider width than their permanent teeth. Using the gap of the width, the permanent teeth are able to grow into their correct position.
If a child’s jaw bone develops quickly, usually there is no problem because their permanent teeth will appear right after their primary teeth are gone. However, lately more and more children have been losing spaces for their permanent teeth, caused by problems such as their permanent teeth started growing while their primary teeth are still attached, or their permanent teeth won’t appear after their primary teeth are gone.
An occlusal guidance will solve these problems. It will retain spaces for the permanent teeth and will result in a beautiful set of teeth. If there are not enough spaces for their permanent teeth, we also have a choice of running a special wire behind a set of teeth to make more spaces and pull our primary teeth, if necessary.


Laser therapy

Lately, laser therapy is getting more popular such as laser hair removal or laser vision correction.
There are several laser devices for dental treatment. In our clinic, we use a carbon dioxide laser which is safer and more versatile.
The carbon dioxide laser mainly offers effective treatment for the gums. In this way, you won’t feel any pain on treatment even for the alveolar pyorrhea or the gums with suppuration and swelling, without using anesthesia.
Moreover, it makes it possible for you to have a pigmentation removal for gums, a surgical operation without any anesthesia or using anesthesia only for the gum surface. You will quickly recover from the operation and hardly feel pain after the operation.
The carbon dioxide laser is also effective for hyperesthesia, in which teeth become highly sensitized to water and became hard to treat using past methods. The carbon dioxide laser is also highly effective for teeth bleaching.

We started providing treatment to our patients after we show and explain them the inside of their mouths using an intra-oral camera which helped them understand the treatment. Our anesthesia injector allow anesthesia to be injected with incredibly slow speed to make it painless.

Fujimigaoka Dental Clinic Mission Statement Our goal is to be a community-based dental clinic.
Our dental examination includes general, cosmetic and preventive dentistry. We also focus on implants, whitening and dentures.
We give a warm welcome to everyone from little kids to seniors.
Osamu Nishino

■ March 1982
Graduated from the department of dentistry at Josai Dental University(Current: Meikai University)
■ May 1982 to September 1984
Worked in a medical corporation at the Akabane Dental Clinic
■ October 1984
Worked at the Higashi ginza Dental Clinic, retired
■ November 1984 to February 1985
Worked at the Shinbashi Dental Clinic
■ April 1985
Opened the Fujimigaoka Dental Clinic

■ Hobbies
Golf: My best score is 85.
(Isn’t it good for a once-a-month golfer?)
Scuba diving: I’m a resort diver who often dives in Guam or Saipan.
Orthodontic, Implants, General and Cosmetic Dentistry
Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri, Sat  10:00~13:00
Thurs, Sun  Closed
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