Cosmetic dentistry is not only for cleaning the teeth themselves, but also cleaning the whole mouth.

Medical treatment


A lot of people think cosmetic dentistry is expensive. Actually, when we reviewed the websites of dental clinics which state that they are cosmetic dental clinics, we were shocked to learn how many dentists are misinterpreting and stating that “cosmetic dentistry is inserting ceramic crowns which insurance won’t cover”. Inserting ceramic doesn’t mean cosmetic dentistry. Most dentists are inserting ceramic. If a dentist is going to tout themselves as a cosmetic dentist, the important point is what kind of technique they’re going to use, judge the situation and decide which method and materials they’re going to use. For example, a cosmetic dentist should focus on balancing both right and left sides, if the border between a tooth and the gums looks different from other side. Depending on the treatment, it could be covered by insurance.
The pictures above is a case when the CR inlay teeth, which can be covered by insurance, are inserted for three back teeth on the bottom right side.


The pictures above were taken when a patient had just finished treatment for the patient’s deteriorated periodontal disease. The patient’s ceramic teeth had a gap between each tooth and the gums were exposed. We made them look beautiful by adding fillings.


The front teeth had a gap between them and the teeth next to the front teeth are cone-shaped teeth. They also became beautiful and looked natural after we added fillings.

White coating


Strictly speaking, the cosmetic dentistry like in these examples, would be a temporary treatment comparing to an expensive ceramic. However, it costs only slightly more than the expense of a medical treatment, after it has been covered by insurance.

Fujimigaoka Dental Clinic Mission Statement Our goal is to be a community-based dental clinic.
Our dental examination includes general, cosmetic and preventive dentistry. We also focus on implants, whitening and dentures.
We give a warm welcome to everyone from little kids to seniors.
Osamu Nishino

■ March 1982
Graduated from the department of dentistry at Josai Dental University(Current: Meikai University)
■ May 1982 to September 1984
Worked in a medical corporation at the Akabane Dental Clinic
■ October 1984
Worked at the Higashi ginza Dental Clinic, retired
■ November 1984 to February 1985
Worked at the Shinbashi Dental Clinic
■ April 1985
Opened the Fujimigaoka Dental Clinic

■ Hobbies
Golf: My best score is 85.
(Isn’t it good for a once-a-month golfer?)
Scuba diving: I’m a resort diver who often dives in Guam or Saipan.
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